My artistic journey began at a very young age, I attended children's classes at the Metropolitan Museum in New York at the age of four. I was the only kid in my kindergarten class at PS 20 who painted abstracts. I continued to study art through college at Alfred University and later at School of Visual Arts in New York. To me, abstract painting is very liberating and lyrical. I am a child again. There is no road map before I paint, the moment that my brush comes in contact with the canvas the creative process begins to take form. My work is energizing, frenetic, intense and playful. I like to use layers of paint and to have unexpected colors interacting on the canvas. Vasily Kandinsky, Cecily Brown and Willem de Kooning are some of my influencers.


"Abstraction demands more from me than realism. Instead of reproducing something outside of me, now I go inward and use everything I've learned thus far in my life."  -Susan Avishai